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Assurance Services

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Our Assurance Services include:-

Statutory and tax audit

Statutory audit is providing an opinion on the true and fairness of the financial statements of the Company / LLP or its Group

Transfer pricing audit

Transfer pricing audit is done under Income-tax Act 1961 to certify that based on the documents maintained by the Company whether the transactions entered by the entity with its related parties are on an arm’s length basis

Internal and management audit

This audit helps management to ensure that its operations are caried out as per laid down policies and procedures and all compliances are done in timely manner.

Consolidation of financial statements under Companies Act and IFRS

Consolidated financial statements are a requisite for a parent enterprise, in order to provide financial information of its group. We assure meticulous consolidation of parent companies with their subsidiary(ies) as a single economic entity.

Financial due diligence

For strategic investments, acquisitions financial due diligence helps the investors to assess its profitability, liability, assets accurately to take an informed decision.

Liaison with external / overseas auditors for Group reporting

Interaction with external/overseas auditors helps the client in effective communication/compliance to the laws of the respective region


Designing and implementing an effective internal financial control system. Financial control systems are policies and protocols, by which a company allocates its financial resources to various tasks. Management can succeed only with an implementation of an effective internal financial control system. Besides a culture to be instilled in the organization, it is also a requirement under the law.

Implementation of Ind AS (Indian version of IFRS)

Implementation of Indian Accounting Standards involves application of various newly defined concepts which are based on certain areas of quantitative and quantitative disclosure by businesses.

Review of periodical reports and submission of MIS to the management

A Management Information System (MIS) creates reports based on the analysis of different systems, people, visualisation of information, to help management in the decision making process.

Impact analysis of Ind AS / IFRS

Assessing how Ind AS / IFRS is impacting financial transactions and information of companies is a key management service provided. It understands why and where particular standards are impacting an organisation and its operations.

Designing and testing of Internal Financial Controls

We help our clients design and test the effectiveness of an internal financial control system.

Compiling and reviewing financial statements

Our experts possess the art of compiling and reviewing financial statements of businesses which helps them build investor trust and credibility while also making sure all the financial transactions are made according to the designed statement.

Physical verification of Assets

Our professional expertise and knowledge aids our clientele in physical verification of their assets thus reconciling asset records to actual physical assets available with a company.